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Clean Your Gutters – Without a Ladder!

Its as easy as “Slide, Tighten, Loosen.”


GutterWhiz® – Finally, a DIY tool that lets you clean your gutters from the safety of the ground without a dangerous ladder, messy water hoses, blowers or vacuum attachments. No need for expensive capped or screened gutters that can still clog and run over during heavy rain.

  • Save hundreds of dollars over commercial gutter cleaner services – especially when gutters often re-clog in as little as one week.
  • More than pays for itself in only ONE USE!
  • Prevent damage and rotting of siding, windows, and doors and the huge expense of house settlement, caused by water standing at the foundation.
  • Use GutterWhiz® over an over each season.


WET or DRY – GutterWhiz® does it all – Leaves, pine needles, pine cones, toys, balls – “…you never know what you’ll find!” After use, simply rake up the debris for easy disposal or recycle.


  1. High Strength Non-Corroding GutterWhiz® Unit
  2. Braided Poly Rope (18 feet)
  3. Safety Glasses – can be worn over most prescription glasses
  4. Operating Instructions & Warranty Provisions


Attach the GutterWhiz Pin-Lock Extension Pole (available separately on Amazon.com) or any adjustable 10-15 foot fiberglass handle extension pole for use on gutters up to 13 feet high – all one story homes, as well as most split level and dutch colonial style homes.

For two story gutters over 15 feet high, the use of GutterWhiz® is subject to the user’s physical strength and ability to wield a longer extension pole.
For electrical safety, do not use within 10 feet of electrical lines.
Extension pole MUST be of the electrically insulated type such as with a fiberglass handle.


GutterWhiz Gutter Cleaner in Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and many more

Introducing an innovative and easy to use gutter cleaner in Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts – GutterWhiz®. ”No ladder—no problem!“

Made of quality materials, the durable GutterWhiz® is an effective gutter cleaner that allows you to clean your gutters without using a dangerous ladder, a messy hose or a bulky blower/vacuum.

Includes: The high strength, non-corroding GutterWhiz® unit, Braided Poly Rope (18 feet), Safety Glasses (will fit over most Rx glasses), Operating Instructions and Warranty Provisions.

GutterWhiz® is a durable DIY gutter cleaning tool that can be used over and over. Just attach a fiberglass handle extension pole (sold separately to suit your gutter height). Simple to operate, ”Slide, tighten rope and lift out“ for easy rake–up on the ground. Sold separately is our special GutterWhiz® ”Pin–Lock“ fiberglass and aluminum extension pole that extends to 12 ft. for gutters up to 15 ft. high. This heavy duty pole, made in USA, locks in 6 in. increments to prevent twisting or slipping during use.

Clean your gutters in Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and many more surrounding areas. Order GutterWhiz® online at Amazon (link above) or buy in a store near you.

Order one today!