Its as easy as “Slide, Tighten, Loosen.”

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GutterWhiz® – Finally, a DIY tool that lets you clean your gutters from the safety of the ground without a dangerous ladder, messy water hoses, blowers or vacuum attachments. No need for expensive capped or screened gutters that can still clog and run over during heavy rain.

  • Save hundreds of dollars over commercial gutter cleaner services – especially when gutters often re-clog in as little as one week.
  • More than pays for itself in only ONE USE!
  • Prevent damage and rotting of siding, windows, and doors and the huge expense of house settlement, caused by water standing at the foundation.
  • Use GutterWhiz® over an over each season.


WET or DRY – GutterWhiz® does it all – Leaves, pine needles, pine cones, toys, balls – “…you never know what you’ll find!” After use, simply rake up the debris for easy disposal or recycle.


  1. High Strength Non-Corroding GutterWhiz® Unit
  2. Braided Poly Rope (18 feet)
  3. Safety Glasses – can be worn over most prescription glasses
  4. Operating Instructions & Warranty Provisions

Attach a 10-15 foot fiberglass handle extension pole (not included) for use on gutters up to 13 feet high – all one story homes, as well as most split level and dutch colonial style homes.

For two story gutters over 15 feet high, the use of GutterWhiz® is subject to the user’s physical strength and ability to wield a longer extension pole.
For electrical safety, do not use within 10 feet of electrical lines.
Extension pole MUST be of the electrically insulated type such as with a fiberglass handle.