1. When I pull the rope to lift it out of the gutter, it won’t lift out.

First make sure the yellow stripe is just visible.   If it will not lift out, it has closed on a gutter support bracket or nail.  Simply release the rope, lift GW out of the gutter and to the left, over the bracket.  With the rope slack, lower it back into the gutter and continue—“Slide, tighten lift out and loosen,” to continue cleaning until another bracket is reached.  The blade angle helps push the debris under the bracket to be lifted out on the other side. Note that you usually can’t see the brackets from the ground.

2. The gutter cleaner keeps twisting as I use it.

The pole extension tightener ring is slipping making the unit twist.  Re-tighten the ring wearing gloves. An extension pole having a feature of “pin stop” position holes will eliminate this twisting problem.

3. It’s difficult to pull the rope and still hold the pole.

Wrap the rope twice around your hand.  This allows you to pull and release the rope by sliding your hand down and up while still holding the pole.

4. The leaves and debris drop on me when I loosen the rope.

Be sure to turn with your back to the wind before loosening the rope.  Also, you do not need to be directly under the gutter. The blade angles allow for a comfortable set-back from the gutter while using GutterWhiz®.

5. When I pull the rope to close the upper blade, the blade will not close easily.

IMPORTANT:  Before you pull the rope to close the blade, you must rotate the unit slightly to be able to see the vertical yellow stripe.  This prevents the blade from hitting the shingles as it’s being closed.