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As with any tool, learning the proper operation will allow it to work for you as designed and provide many years of use.


  1. Before beginning, put on the safety glasses provided. Note: for eye protection, safety glasses must always be worn while using GutterWhiz®.
  2. Walk around the house to find and note the location of all overhead power or electrical lines near the gutters. For safety, any extension pole used must have a plastic or fiberglass insulated handle. Power or electrical lines must never be touched with the apparatus. Keep GutterWhiz® at least 10 feet away from all electrical lines.
  3. Begin cleaning at the right end of each gutter section, moving from RIGHT TO LEFT.
  4. Attach GutterWhiz® to the threaded end of the fiberglass handle extension pole. At the gutter starting point, extend and tighten or lock the pole with the GutterWhiz® blades just above the gutter and the bottom of the pole near your waist.
    GutterWhiz® has two blades, a lower, right blade that attaches to the extension pole and an upper, left blade that has the rope attached and closes and opens when the rope is pulled or released.
    The GutterWhiz® design provides a comfortable set-back to allow cleaning without standing directly under the gutter.


  1. With the rope loose and the left blade fully open, lower the pole handle blade into the bottom of the gutter.
  2. Keeping the rope loose, slide the lower blade to the left along the bottom of the gutter until a pile of debris has accumulated in front of the blade.
  3. IMPORTANT: Rotate the pole slightly so the vertical YELLOW STRIPE is just visible, pull and hold the rope to close the left blade around the debris, then lift the pole to remove the debris from the gutter.
  4. With the wind at your back, loosen the rope to open the blades and discharge the debris to the ground. The leaves and debris can be easily raked up later for disposal or recycle.
  5. IMPORTANT: A gutter support strap or nail will be reached every 3 to 6 feet and will stop the lower blade from sliding. These straps are not usually visible from the ground. The pre-set angle of the lower blade helps push the debris under the support strap. When a strap is reached, loosen the rope and lift the lower blade over the strap and continue sliding the lower blade to continue piling up the debris.
    As before, rotate the pole slightly so the YELLOW STRIPE is visible, pull the rope to gather the debris lifted out by the other side. Continue the operation, cleaning each gutter section from right to left.
  6. At DOWNSPOUTS, first remove loose debris directly over the opening. With the blades partially open, insert the blades directly above the downspout to check for and remove toys, balls, pine cones, rocks or other large objects partially lodged within the downspout opening. You will encounter support straps that are normally located near downspouts. Note: To prevent injury, be careful when heavy objects are lifted out and dropped to the ground.
  7. When the gutter cleaning is complete, place the bottom of the pole on the ground, loosen the pole locking mechanism to lower the pole to the shortest length. Unscrew GutterWhiz®, rinse or brush off as needed, coil the rope and store—ready for the next cleaning.