“Hello, GutterWhiz is fantastic! I bought a GutterWhiz yesterday (9-13) at a Ace Hardware in Hampton. I went there to shop for some type of gutter cleaner tool. When I saw your product, I thought it might be just what I was looking for. I am 61 years old, and recently hurt my back (3 bulging disc and 1 ruptured disc) so going up and down a ladder like I use to at my home is to hard now. I tried the GutterWhiz today, and it worked like a charm. I started on the right side of my house as instructed, went down the gutter a little at a time, and cleaned the whole thing in no time. Very easy to use and it pulled out all those big glups of wet leaves that were clogging my drains. Over the years I have tried various styles of gutter shield inserts (screen and pipe cleaner type). None of them work good and I still had to clean trash out that still got in. Those expensive gutter covers that are you can pay to get installed were to expensive for my budget. Now my worries are over and I will be able to keep clean gutters with little efforts. Thanks for coming up with this project. Once it catches on, it should be a top seller. Wish I had been the inventor. Thanks and good luck with your product.”
Les B. Hampton, VA 9/14/14.

“The GutterWhiz seems to work fine as promised. It does take a bit of practice but there isn’t too big of a learning curve. I have several years of mud and pine needles and it cleaned them out just fine.”
Cynthia E. 7/16/15

“Excellent product. It solved my problem on a gutter that was nearly impossible to get to with a ladder.”
Gary P. 7/14/15

“Does not clean perfectly but does a good job without needing a ladder.”
Sharon A. 7/12/15

“Works great! I also tried the Gutter Sxxxx Gutter tool, the GutterWhiz is much better. I attached a small wireless IP camera to the top of the pole. The combination worked perfectly. I could see what I was doing.. The GutterWhiz is solid, it has one stationary arm for scraping or sliding it down the gutter to pile up the debris. Highly recommended. Do not waste your money/time on the Gutter Sxxxx.”
John M. 6/21/15

“Item works as described and arrived as expected.
Timothy L. 5/4/15

“Didn’t contact the seller but I thought the pole was included.”
Cheryl P. 3/22/15

“Excellent!!! I followed the operating instructions and it cleaned my gutters very well– and with no ladder! As suggested, I hung it on the gutter a couple of times to take a break. The pine needles and leaves were wet and packed but sliding the blade to loosen them did the trick. Will try taking the gutter video with my phone next. Very satisfied!!!”
Charlotte B. 4/19/15